Hello, I’m Mary Hawkins and I’m an animator+designer in New York City. AfterEffects and I are good friends and Photoshop and I go waaaaay back.

I make a lot of things for a lot of people. They all keep telling me that I’m fast, flexible, accommodating and awesome. When I was at MTV, we didn’t always have a lot of time for tweaking. Some of these promos went from a pile of who-knows-what to a finished spot with audio in two days flat.

Outside of work, I’m the Head Jeerleader and Brooklyn squad captain for Gotham Girls Roller Derby. I have visited all 50 states and 25 foreign countries. I’m the Mary-who-likes-postcards at Mary Likes and have written over 4,000 cute, handmade reminders to get people out to vote in important elections. I’m on the board of Rise and Resist, a direct action group that often uses my posters and designs in their creative protests, and currently their treasurer.