Common Cause

I met folks from Common Cause when I volunteered in 2017 at a Hackathon for a nascent project that became Let NY Vote. After the 2018 sweep, New York state made major strides in updating its voting laws, and Let NY Vote got almost all of the reforms we’d been asking for. Voting is an important civil right, so I kept in touch with Common Cause staffers over the next few years and made the pre-registration videos as a pro bono project.

I’ve been wanting to do more work for social good and civil rights groups, so the RCV social media pieces for Common Cause NY were a special project. They had room for one day of my work in their budget, so I cranked out five versions of this video, plus I gave them a carousel of images for Insta and some easy flyers.

Animator + Designer: Mary Hawkins

For Common Cause:
Susan Lerner, exective director

For Let NY Vote:
Shadb Simon-Alexander, organizer and designer
Michele Rosenthal, illustrator

For Ranked Choice Voting NYC: