End Titles for Noelle

One hot August, I helped bring a little holiday cheer to the world as part of a crew of illustrators and animators who created the end titles for the Disney+ movie Noelle. I was excited to work again with creative director Sean Eno, who had been the advisor on my thesis project in grad school at NYU back in the day. The main character in Noelle crafted her own glittery greeting cards, so we took that idea and created a whole world of pop-up cards for the end titles. A crew of illustrators fleshed out the scenes for us and art director Abigail Kim brought charming typography and extra glitter.

Keaton and I split animation duties. I started from the front, he started from the back and we mixed things up in the middle and swapped back-and-forth when we needed to get shots out. I’m very, very jealous of his wobbly ice skater. We borrowed children’s books and greeting cards so that we could get the physical motions right while also highlighting scenes and characters from the frosty, fun world of Noelle.

2D/3D animators: Mary Hawkins, Keaton Tips

For Chimney:
CD: Sean Eno
Producer: Mike Seabrooke
Art Director: Abigail Kim