Earth Day Live 2020

I worked with Art Not War as the animator and broadcast designer for Earth Day Live 2020. We put together a three-day livestream with two channels (local and national) with ten days of preparation.

In addition to bumpers and packaging in their look, I also made a few animated segments to use during the livestream and some animated instagram posts for guests, talent and organizations that promoted the event. These two bumpers were self-initiated projects that I made while I was waiting for marching orders. I ran the themes and ideas by my producer and some of the upstream organizers, and then designed and animated the pieces myself. For “Apart but Together for Change”, I put out a call on Facebook and a slack channel for activists so I could get a variety of people (and pets!) to hold signs.

I handed off an AfterEffects template to Collective.Agency for the local channel streams, where Kathryn Jones and Jackson were in charge.

Animator + Designer: Mary Hawkins

For Art Not War:
David Ambrose, creative director
Laura Dawn, producer
Kym Allen, co-producer
Julie Bersani, producer

For ThoughtWorks:
Dan Lewis-Toakley, developer
Samantha Gaghan, art director

For Collective.Agency:
Kathryn Vevel Jones, producer
Jackson Hyland-Lipski, editor

US Climate Strike Coalition
Stop the Money Pipeline