Inauguration Calendar

I have to credit a text from my friend Kate for this whole idea. She joked with me that I should make an advent calendar to count down to the inauguration, because only chocolate was going to help her survive this whole thing. I wasn’t sure how to make candy, and I especially didn’t know what to do with candy if it arrived too late or like… melted in my living room, but I knew how to make a scratch-off card. I tried to pitch this as a fundraising idea to my progressive clients, but when I couldn’t find a taker quickly enough, I decided to go it alone and see how it’d work out in my store.

For the text, I linked up then-current members of the Trump administration (and there were plenty of meanies left!) and his family members with ideals that I hoped a Biden administration would bring into office in the new year, starting with “Empathy”. Each day, everyone would scratch out someone they’d never want to hear about again and get a new word and a little glimpse of what we all hoped to see from the White House in 2021. I had great fun writing up the copy for this project when I listed it on Etsy:

Tired of daily chaos? Ready for the news to be boring again? We’ve got just the ticket! Follow along to scratch out the Trump administration with this Inauguration Calendar. Count down each day until the Biden/Harris Administration by physically removing a different Trump family member, executive office bureaucrat or hanger-on to reveal a calming view of the White House. Can’t remember exactly what they all did over the last four years? There’s a handy guide on the back. There were enough terrible folks currently in the Trump administration that I didn’t even have to dip into the folks he fired! Makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone other than my dad and Uncle Ronnie, bless their hearts.

I wasn’t sure how these would do, but I sold 500 over the first week they were on Etsy, which meant I got a nifty “bestseller” badge on the site. The Inauguration Calendar was one of the first products I put on the wholesale site Faire, so it was also sold in-person at gift shops (and an ice cream parlor!) all over the US.