Indivisible Guide: Vote No on Gina Haspel for CIA

I’ve joked that making this spot definitely put me on some sort of government watchlist. Gina Haspel is our current CIA Director, and her previous job experience included being the chief of a CIA black site where prisoners were tortured and waterboarded in 2002, intentionally destroying evidence of interrogations and being described as “quite literally a war criminal” by the ACLU and the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights. Indivisible wanted people to call their Senators and ask them to vote NO on Gina Haspel, but visually, they only had one public photo of Ms. Haspel. Reading through the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s study wasn’t fun, but I decided to highlight some of the worst abuses that had occurred on her watch to spur people to call in.

I don’t know how many people called, but I do know that the NBC Nightly News copied its look for their segment on the Gina Haspel hearings.

Animator and Designer: Mary Hawkins.
Producer: Kathryn Jones.