Kokomo City

Kokomo City poster
KokomoCity. Sample of one kinetic type section

Give D. Smith her flowers! She won a bunch of awards, and these are the laurels showing off all of that.

When my friend Harris Doran approached me about working with a first-time documentary filmmaker, I was expecting that they’d just need a simple title sequence for the piece. D. Smith was so charming and bubbly when I met her, and I looooved her reaction to our favorite logo look: “That’s her!!!” She had a lot of questions and creative ideas that were really fun to try out, and she was also really easy to work with as we figured out the perfect way to highlight some of the more interesting moments from her interview subjects. I was thrilled to see how well the film did at Sundance, where it won the NEXT Innovators Award and the Audience Award while also catching the eye of Lena Waithe and Magnolia Pictures.

Kokomo City is scheduled to be at the Berlin International Film Festival and SXSW and will be distributed by Magnolia Pictures worldwide.