In 2020, Collective.Agency pivoted to livestreams for progressive groups. From online protests, to fundraisers for nonprofits and candidates, to get-out-the-vote parties and narrow-casted educational events, we found ways to help our clients get the word out and connect to their communities. Although the bulk of the graphics packages for all of these events was elements for editors, I made sure that they also got some special attention with cute bumpers that were also useful as promo graphics for social before and after the event.

Our work on #voteWithUs for future coalition/MarchOn was nominated for Best Virtual & Remote: Public Service & Activism at The Webby Awards

Among the livestreams I worked on in 2020 were the following events:

Celebration for Change: 100 Days to go
A ninety-minute fundraiser that raised $800,000 for Joe Biden.

Earth Day Live 2020
A two-channel, three-day livestream featuring celebrity guests, speeches and educational segments.

Family Equality
A fundraiser for an LBGTQ+ advocacy group.

A Future Coalition/MarchOn direct action teach-in for women and non-binary organizers.

Fix Our Broken Senate
An online conference that focused on what’s at stake in our current Senate.

Revolutionize the Vote
A Future Coalition/Earth Guardians teach-in focused on Black and Indigenous youth organizers.

Victory Institute
A fundraiser for an advocacy group that connects LGBTQ+ candidates with mentors and resources.

Vote with Us
Teach-ins to help youth climate organizers get their communities registered and ready to get-out-the-vote.

Vote Safe 2020
Teach-ins focused on getting youth organizers ready to help their communities registered and ready to vote-by-mail.