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We Have Been So Lucky

This idea for a pet grief card grew out of a lettering tribute I drew for the late, great Calamity Jane Hawkins. I had 15 great years with her, and when I was coming up out of my grief, the phrase “We have been so lucky” was really resonant for me. I was lucky to have been her friend, roommate, ally and wrestling partner.

These are A2-sized letterpress cards printed at a Radix Media, a union print shop in Brooklyn, and available at Barnes and Noble bookstores nationwide, on Etsy and on for wholesale retailers.

This design was a finalist for the GCA Louie Awards in 2022 in the “Sympathy ($5+)” category.

Vote: Postcards, Stickers and Washi

I started my shop as a side hustle one summer. I’d been writing with Postcards to Voters and gotten tired of sending out the same boring postcards and wanted something a little more personal and interesting. Voilà! I make postcards, stickers, washi tape and rubber stamps for people who want to get out the vote in their community. My designs are fun and non-partisan and catch voters’ eyes when the come in the mail.

I have active social media feeds and try to launch one new product each month. I lovelovelove seeing people use my designs. In addition to vote-related stationery, I make a limited number of products related to politics and activism, including enamel pins, greeting cards for activists, political postcards for writing your reps and a scratch-off Inauguration Calendar that counted down to the Biden administration. I was featured on Side Hustle Show in 2018. Mary Likes Postcards fulfilled 11,000+ orders in 2020, including over 700,000 postcards and is a top 1% Etsy store. Every Vote Counts.

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Inauguration Calendar

Inauguration Calendar