RHA Scarf

This is probably my favorite/weirdest project from 2018. I was at a hackathon talking to people about potential ways to keep abortion access and reproductive justice in the news, and someone mentioned that Andrea Stewart-Cousins, the new speaker of the New York State Senate, was a big fan of colorful silk scarves. We knew that we had a vote coming up on the Reproductive Health Act, and we knew that it would probably pass, so with the backing of RHA Vote, I designed a colorful scarf in using their teal and purple. I also added in drawings of birth control packs, forget-me-nots, the blue wave and type representing the initials of the legislation we hoped would pass. The hardest part is that gifts to public officials have to be under $25, so we had limited choices for printing and had to scramble to find a manufacturer.

Press clips that used photos of my scarf:

State Senate Dems Pass Reproductive Health Act

Celebrating a Win for Advocacy in New York State

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Protecting Women’s Reproductive Rights

It’s official – the Reproductive Health Act is Law!

After the signing:

It later sold at a charity benefit in Westchester for $300.