Teachers is a workplace comedy about people who, um, shouldn’t be teachers… I worked on several seasons of the show at TV Land/Paramount Channel as an on-air promos animator and I created all sorts of spots: all of the broadcast spots (hundreds of variations each season), spots for social, Instagram swipe-ups, viral music videos and the occasional Snapchat filter. At TV Land, my art directors were responsible for the overall look of our 360 collateral and I was responsible for finishing the spots. Since I was the only animator working on these pieces, I did a wide variety of tasks: illustration/animation on the logo and type, color correction, creating terrible kid art using Cheerios and glitter, removing occasional nudity and swear words like “bitch” and “spunk”.


Teachers Season 3: Binge Now on Demand

Teachers Season 3: Best of Adler

Teachers Season 2: Hero spots

We did 300+ variations of this spot.

Teachers Season 2: Teachers Missed It Episode 201

Teachers: “Do the Math People”


Teachers: “A Common Mind” parody

Teachers: “Just When You Thought It Was Safe” parody

Teachers: “Vote for Snap” parody

Teachers: Alder Yearbook


Teachers: Holiday Cocoa

Teachers: Feldman Cheetos

Teachers: Bully

Teachers: Hand Turkey

Teachers: New Years

Animator for Season 1, Season 2A, Season 3A: Mary Hawkins
Season 1 Art Director: Dominique Vitale
Season 2 Art Director: Katie Dominguez
Season 3 Art Director: Ben Plimpton
Season 1 Producer: Amber Jones
Season 2 & 3 Producer: Gwen Powell
Original Logo Design and Animation: Cryssy Cheung