I started working for Viacom/Paramount in-house during the 2004 MTV upfronts. Since then I’ve worked for a wide range of their networks, including a bunch that no longer exist. I’ve worked at least six MTV channels, TV Land, Spike, Paramount Channel, Nick and Logo, plus I’ve worked out-of-house on gobs of stuff that went back into the mothership.

I’ve worked on a wide range of projects: giant tentpole events like the VMAs, work that went on our Times Square billboards, tiny/quirky social media posts for fans, entertaining junk food shows like “The Real World” and shows like “It Gets Better” that were meaningful and culturally important.

The 2009 VMAs were one of my favorite projects.

VMA sweeps spot


MTV On-Air Promos.
Producer, Writer + Director: Liz Epp.
Animator+Designer: Mary Hawkins.
Created in AfterEffects.

I worked on the VMAs two years running. In 2009, I was part of a team that delivered 38 spots in two months, including in Spanish for MTV tr3s, local cable spots, a Michael Jackson/This Is It tie-in, a Twilight: New Moon/Death Cab for Cutie tie-in and promos for two contests. MTV On-Air Design and Prologue set the overall look of the show, but I’m proud of the way we took the ideas from the logo and ran with it.